Marotta: "Let's raise the bar, our journey of growth continues"


The words of Nerazzurri Sport CEO following the Shareholders' Meeting

MILAN - At the press conference held at the conclusion of FC Internazionale Milano’s Shareholders' Meeting, Nerazzurri Sport CEO Giuseppe Marotta responded to questions from the press.

"We must not set ourselves limits in sport, instead we have to raise the bar. The clear objective at the start of the season is to create a winning model with solid foundations in order to gradually return to the top. To shape a team with common values: work ethic, sense of belonging, courage, sacrifice. These are all qualities and characteristics that we have sought and found in the leader of this group, Antonio Conte. We’re happy with the start of this journey. Conte is a coach who loves his work, who has the characteristic of never being satisfied."

"Precisely for this reason, Conte can be worried when there are moments of difficulty. There have been injuries that have taken away players from us, but every member of the Club knows that difficulties are a part of life. We look forward to the January transfer window with great optimism. We know that there are economic aspects to be respected, but we are ready to seize any opportunities that arise. We don't have to make up for mistakes, but if there’s a chance then we will try to support and consolidate the team in the best way possible."

"We want to raise the bar, our project is clear and we want to achieve our goals with a mix of experienced players and young talents. We take the Nerazzurri Youth Sector very seriously, it's one of the best in both Italy and Europe. We also have a lot of talent at home. We have to be able to help them grow. The dream is to take players from the Youth Sector all the way into to the First Team. Esposito is a shining example of that."

"We await Sanchez’s return in January with confidence, along with the recoveries of Vecino, D'Ambrosio and Sensi. These are the most important things to focus on, not the transfer market. Ours is a gradual, ambitious path, but we have to grow. We always play to win but we also have to deal with our opponents. Inter has a history full of success, Suning is a great company: we can bring each other a lot of joy and satisfaction."

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