Inter teams up with QQ Music, launch the “Project InterMusica” to release youthful spirit.


Inter and QQ Music launch“Project InterMusica”, with the aim to explore football culture and new ecology scene

QQ Music will be F.C. Internazionale Milano’s exclusive Music platform Partner in domestic China, and together they will launch the“Project InterMusica”, with the aim to release youthful spirit.

As the first European Football Club teams up with QQ Music, Inter will seek for more creative style of music by co-branding marketing, and provide high quality and personalized music experience for football fans.

Music and Football, bringing creative style of music into users’ lives

“Project InterMusica” focuses on digging out the similarity between sports and music, in order to satisfy users’ requirements. Relying on large numbers of registered users on QQ Music and with music as the carrier, Inter is able to express enthusiasm and passion beyond the pitch and bring the culture of football into users’ lives.

Meanwhile, QQ Music is the leading Music Streaming Platform in China; the joining of Inter will further enrich the content of music and provide a more diverse music experience.

Personalized Music Contents, creating the young cross-culture force

QQ Music includes large amounts of Z Generation in China. This new generation group pays more attention to whether the brand concept matches their own personality.

For this reason, Inter integrates the young force of QQ Music in a multi-dimensional way and brings a series of personalized music contents: Sharing Players’ latest song lists and using the music as the channel to make emotional communication with users; partnering with QQ music to invite Chinese singer-songwriter Tia Ray to launch the first experience song "呃", with diversified modern styles to meet young generations’ pursuit of the high quality; Introducing creative and custom skin, in order to strengthen the emotional bond with young users; providing exclusive benefits to stimulate fans’ enthusiasm to participate.

A series of creative style boots the integration of football culture with the young cultural ecosystem, that precisely adapt to the demands of young people, and create new forces for young culture.

Broading diversified scenes, exploring the football cultural ecology

Inter with century-long history teams up with the leading Music platform in China. The collaboration helps to trigger the chemical reaction between football and music, in order to attract the attention of a large number of potential users. The ‘Project InterMusica’ created by Inter and QQ Music is a milestone for the promotion of the young football culture.

In the future, Inter and QQ Music will work together to explore the diversity of football culture. Through building high-quality music experience, personalized music content, derivativing creative products etc, both sides will try to cultivate more young generation's enthusiasm for football. It is believed that the partnership will help to boost the new ecology of football culture.

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