3 - Inter Xmas Advent Calendar: Osvaldo Bagnoli


The former Milanese coach is the latest addition to our calendar

"At 58, when I was Inter Coach, if I saw a pitch lit up on the outskirts of town, I'd stop the car and go to watch. It's the call of the wild!"

The outskirts and passion. Two words that spring to mind when describing Osvaldo Bagnoli, the man who coached Inter from 1992 to 1994. From the Bovisa district of Milan, he was a meticulous coach who led Hellas Verona to their one and only Scudetto success in 1985. And he came close to winning Serie A with Inter in the 1992-1993 season too. As a Coach, he was straightforward, determined, sincere and hard-working.

Bagnoli, who is now 84 years old, was tasked with challenging Milan and their Dutchmen for the title. Ruben Sosa’s 20 goals weren’t quite enough, however, but fond memories remain of the Milanese man’s spell at the Nerazzurri despite him leaving the Club before the following campaign had come to an end. Bagnoli’s famous quotes accompanied his Inter adventure, and he wasn’t afraid to shy away from quips referring to his own players and himself: “You say that patience is required with Pancev? He may be Macedonian, but I’m from Bovisa and not an idiot.” Bagnoli: a man with an incredible passion for football, whether it’s being played professionally or on the outskirts.


3 - Inter Xmas Advent Calendar: Osvaldo Bagnoli

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