Guess Who, the solutions to our quiz


The answers to our quiz where Inter fans were challenged to guess 16 historic Inter players based on emojis that we provided

MILAN – How well do you know Inter? To learn more, you can revisit the Nerazzurri’s history with Born Inter, retracing all the stages of your life as an Inter fan.

Many players and champions who are part of that history remain in the memory of the fans due to their greatness, character, unselfishness, goals, joy and technical ability. Today, we launched another challenge on our social media profiles (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) to test all the Inter connoisseurs out there with 16 ‘Guess Who’ questions in which a historic Inter player’s name is deciphered by emojis.

Here are the answers:

1 – Javier Zanetti

‘El Tractor’: a nickname earned due to the power of his legs, the strength unleashed out on the pitch and those games on the flank which amazed all the fans and earned admiration. It’s that man Javier Zanetti who is the first player of our Guess Who.

2 – Walter Samuel

‘The Wall’: nine seasons for the Nerazzurri in which he was a stalwart in Inter’s defence and a fearsome adversary for any opposition striker.

3 – Marco Materazzi

‘Matrix’: ten years with the Nerazzurri, 276 matches and 20 goals scored in all competitions. A key player on the pitch and a fans’ hero.

4 – Santiago Solari

The answer to one of our most complicated Guess Who questions is the former Argentine midfielder who recorded 71 appearances and seven goals in three seasons with the Nerazzurri.

5 – Stéphane Dalmat

Extraordinary chips, incredible goals and an innate ability to dribble round opponents. ‘Joystick’ Stephane Dalmat is the fifth player to be unveiled.

6 – Davide Santon

Two emojis referring to a recent Inter player and a product of the Nerazzurri’s Elite Academy, Davide Santon.

7 – Dejan Stankovic

The Dragon’s flames are imprinted on Inter’s history. Many of his goals, including that extraordinary strike against Schalke 04, will never be forgotten.

8 – Fabio Galante

Halfway through this Guess Who challenge, and this was certainly a tough one. Four seasons at the Nerazzurri where he made 88 appearances, scored three goals and helped contribute to Inter’s 1997/98 UEFA Cup success. The answer is Fabio Galante.

9 – Obafemi Martins

The ball ended up in the net and a spectacle within the spectacle began. Obafemi Martins’ somersaults: a celebration that Inter fans first witnessed in Leverkusen on 19 March 2003, when the Nigerian hadn't even turned 19 years old.

10 – Julio Cruz

‘El Jardinero’: the nickname which accompanied Cruz’s sporting exploits. At the Nerazzurri from 2003 to 2009, he scored some unforgettable goals, including that double against Juventus.

11 – Christian Vieri

He was crowned the 'Goal King' by Marco Materazzi and teammates after scoring for the 100th time for Inter. Christian Vieri is the answer to number 11.

12 – Diego Milito

From a King to a Prince who was a key figure in Inter’s 2009/10 Treble-winning season. Diego Milito: the answer to number 12.

13 – Felice Natalino

If you guessed Felice Natalino, a former Nerazzurri defender, for number 13 of our Guess Who challenge, then you guessed correctly.

14 – Walter Zenga

Walter Zenga was a part of Inter’s First Team for twelve years, from 1982 to 1994. Prior to this he came through the Nerazzurri youth ranks from 1971 to 1978. His extraordinary saves earned him the nickname ‘Spider-Man’.

15 – Felice Centofanti

A former defender who wore the Nerazzurri shirt during the 1995/96 campaign: Felice Centofanti is the solution to number 15.

16 – Ivan Cordoba

He made his Inter debut in January 2000 and became a fan favourite during his twelve-year career with the Nerazzurri. 15 trophies, 455 appearances and 18 goals for Ivan Cordoba, otherwise known as Café Colombia.

Guess Who, the solutions to our quiz

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