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FAIR-PLAY: the project on Resilience and Life Skills co-financed by the European Union continues

MILAN – We’re only at the beginning and this will last three years: Inter Campus, Feyenoord, Werder Bremen, Hibernian FC and Charlton Athletic will join forces to develop a new educational methodology. Coordinated by the University of Rotterdam, the clubs will adapt their sports-social experience to the guidelines set out by the Department of Child Psychology at the Dutch university.

The project, which has just begun, will consist of four nine-month periods, each focusing on different themes. Each period will start with a week of seminars during which the clubs involved, together with the University’s professors, will develop their methodologies with scientific concepts related to resilience and life-skills. Afterwards, everyone will apply the new content in their own community, carrying out periodic analysis. Its aim is to create a manual of good practices across-the-board that can be shared, and which can serve as guidelines for future social projects.

Inter Campus, active all over the globe, will use this innovative approach to benefit the children of St. Joseph Primary School in Nagalama, where a project has been active since 2008.

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