A Night Not For Everyone, a #Timeless2010 special


A new episode of Inter TV’s talk show with special guests Julio Cesar and Alice De Bortoli

MILAN - Inter TV continued their production of new footage, with another instalment of their A Night Not For Everyone talk show, this time with a special #Timeless2010 edition. Looking back on some of the biggest moments from the 2009/10 season, hosts Fernando Siani and Astrid Ericsson welcomed dreamcatcher Julio Cesar and influencer/actress Alice De Bortoli.

Our Brazilian goalkeeper spoke about his feelings and memories from the Nerazzurri’s march towards the Treble:

“The Treble is something that can never be erased, just down to the fact of how difficult it is to achieve something like that. I remember talking to Stankovic about that Barcelona side who had done it just a season before, and him asking me, “Julio, when’s it going to happen to us?”, and then it happened. Mourinho was the glue of that side, then our strength was that each player had the humility to put the group first, and only then think as individuals. I’m a very emotional guy and I got into my head that I always had to go out onto the pitch with the utmost confidence, so that’s what I did.”

On his greatest saves:

“I played 300 games in a Nerazzurri shirt, but that save against Messi is definitely the one I’d rank in first place, then the one on Alex’s header against Fenerbahce in Turkey, because he was so close in and my reflexes were great, and then third I’d say that free kick from Janssen against Twente. I’m still in touch with my ex-teammates, Materazzi made a Treble group on WhatsApp and it’s great fun, we make a lot of jokes and look back on the beautiful times we spent together.”

Alice De Bortoli was at the heart of one of the most entertaining parts of the episode, as she involved our former Brazilian goalkeeper in a performance of a viral TikTok dance, before asking him to talk about one of his greatest and most important saves from his Nerazzurri career, that one against Messi:

“That was one of the most important saves I ever made. I wasn’t the tallest goalkeeper around, but I had a lot of power in my legs. Making a save off a shot on the turn like that is so hard, even harder at such an important point of the game. Looking back at the replays I can see the Barcelona fans getting ready to celebrate and then putting their hands on their heads, it still gives me goosebumps today.”

Once again from Alice, a question on Julio Cesar’s biggest individual achievements:

“I was a little boy who dreamt of becoming a footballer, I left Brazil to come to Europe, to Italy, and found a family who welcomed me in an extraordinary manner, Inter were everything to me and I also managed some incredible achievements at the Club. I remember when I won the award for best goalkeeper in Europe, I couldn’t believe it. One of the greatest moments of my career was winning the Champions League, then receiving my first call-up to the National Team, because wearing that shirt and representing your own country is just incredible.”

After the exchange with Julio Cesar, Alice De Bortoli spoke herself:

“With the #Timeless2010 campaign we’re celebrating an extremely important anniversary for Inter, that’s why I wanted to ask Julio Cesar some questions myself, then he was so good at dancing too. Personally I’ve got a lot of ongoing projects, I dance but I also really love acting and fashion. I use TikTok mainly for fun, it’s a perfect pastime for me and it helps keep so many people connected.”

Watch an excerpt from the episode (in Italian) below!

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