Inter Hall of Fame 2020, the 31 attacking candidates


Who will be joining Ronaldo and Meazza in the Inter Hall of Fame?

MILAN - Voting is well and truly open for the third edition of the Inter Hall of Fame. This year’s is a special edition, which includes the Nerazzurri players who won the Treble and have since retired (all of the info on the selection criteria and how to vote here). As always, it’s up to our Inter fans to select four legends, one for each position: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker.


Last two seasons’ winners are as follows:

- 2018 edition: Walter Zenga; Javier Zanetti; Lothar Matthäus; Ronaldo;
- 2019 edition: Francesco Toldo; Giacinto Facchetti; Dejan Stankovic; Giuseppe Meazza.

Today we’ll be taking a look at each of our 31 attacking candidates, with one of them set to join Ronaldo and Meazza. Over the last few weeks we’ve analysed all of the candidates: goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders, now it’s time to decide who slots in up top. Giuseppe Meazza, the all-time top scorer in Nerazzurri history, was voted in in last year’s edition. One of 31 strikers will be joining him and Ronaldo “El Fenomeno” this time around, eight of whom sit in the top ten of the list of highest scorers in Nerazzurri history.

The first-ever Nerazzurri goalscorers. Seven of the candidates for this year’s Hall of Fame were there when Nerazzurri history first began. Among them are two of the all-time top scorers in Inter’s history: Luigi Cevenini III, known as Zizi, quick with his words and devastating with his eye for goal: 190 games and 158 goals, the fifth best Inter scorer of all time. Ermanno Aebi also makes his way into the Top 10, with another sensational goals-to-games ratio: 106 from 142 appearances. Leopoldo Conti, Pietro Ferraris II (a historic figure in Italian football), Umberto Guarnieri and Umberto Visentin III all also feature amongst the candidates. And of course, fans can also vote for Annibale Frossi, whose glasses have gone down in history. A prolific goalscorer, an Olympic gold medallist with Italy, and then a journalist at the end of his career. A legendary figure.

From the ‘40s to ‘60s, Gino Armano, Mauro Bicicli and Renato Cappellini are eached joined by two men who captured everything about the eternal values of Inter as a Club. The first is Benito Lorenzi, the sixth top scorer in Nerazzurri history. “Veleno” scored 143 goals in over 300 games for Inter: an extraordinary champion. His goals were joined by a unique personality and an ability to always have a laugh, even joking at his opponents’ expense, as well as two Scudetti between ’47 and ’58. Another man to win these two trophies was Istvan Nyers. Istvan, Stefano or Etienne: stateless, fanciful, imaginative and incredibly strong. 182 games, 133 goals and seventh spot in our list of top scorers.

“La Grande Inter”. With Mazzola one of the candidates in the midfield, the two wingers either side simply can’t go without a mention. Jair da Costa, a formidable right winger full of strength, power and speed, simply unstoppable. He left his mark on the Nerazzurri’s second-ever European Cup, made history at the Club and won the lot: four Scudetti, two European Cups and Intercontinental Cups. Another champion could be found on the left wing or up top, with Angelo Domenghini a champion both at Inter and Cagliari.

The ‘70s. Two big names from the seventies only met in passing. The first was Roberto Boninsegna: at Inter from ’69 to ’76, Bonimba is the Club’s third top scorer of all time. A legend with one Scudetto and two Golden Boots to his name. He then left for Juventus, with Pietro Anastasi moving the other way. Two seasons at Inter for Pietro, with not too many goals but a Coppa Italia trophy under his belt. Carlo Muraro joins him too, a product of the Nerazzurri youth academy and a constant menace from ’76 to ’81, nicknamed the “White Jair” for his lightning speed.

The ‘80s. Is 209 goals a lot? Without a doubt. Alessandro “Spillo” Altobelli sits second in the list of Inter’s all-time top scorers, behind only Meazza. Spillo simply didn’t stop scoring between ’77 and ’88, bringing the Club a Scudetto and two Coppa Italia titles. Alongside this silverware, he brought home the 1982 World Cup with a goal in the final. He finds himself joined by Aldo Serena, the Golden Boot winner from that record-breaking Scudetto: 223 games and 78 goals for the Nerazzurri, along with a stunning trophy haul of a Scudetto, a Coppa Italia, an Italian Super Cup and a UEFA Cup to cap things off.

The ‘90s. There are plenty of players from abroad amongst the candidates for our Hall of Fame. With Ronaldo already in, six more players from the ‘90s are vying for a spot. The first is Jürgen Klinsmann, arriving to complete the Nerazzurri’s German stronghold and become a key player in the UEFA Cup. Just like Dennis Bergkamp, the Golden Boot winner of our triumph in ’94. Fans can also vote for his teammate up top: the unstoppable Ruben Sosa and his incredible left foot. Maurizio Ganz and Marco Branca also made history with their goals, both waving goodbye to Inter halfway through the ‘97/98 season but having a hand in some of the first UEFA Cup games that year. Although they weren’t there to lift the trophy in Paris, their contributions certainly played a part. Someone who certainly was on the pitch at the Parc des Princes was Ivan Zamorano, with our Chilean fan favourite on the scoresheet on that famous night.

The turn of the millennium. Christian Vieri sits ninth in Inter’s all-time top scorers, with 123 Nerazzurri goals for Bobo-gol. His partner up top for so many years is also among the candidates: Chino Recoba and his wand of a left foot. Two powerful, ruthless Argentine centre-forwards to finish off: Julio Cruz and Hernan Crespo, key players in multiple Scudetto and cup triumphs.

And finally, the Triplete. Two forwards from that season of gold make the cut: Diego Milito and Samuel Eto'o. Vital and decisive players in some of the biggest wins in Nerazzurri history. Il Principe left his mark on the Scudetto, Coppa Italia and Champions League, while Eto’o never stopped working for the team, also scoring in the Club World Cup. Two legends.


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