18 July 1942: remembering Giacinto Facchetti


78 years since Cipe was born, an eternal Nerazzurri icon

MILAN – When you hear the name Giacinto Facchetti, a clear image comes to mind: an elegant figure, celebrating with his arms to the sky, all with a decisive look and a sincere smile on his face. His wild celebrations after all 75 of those goals with the eternal Nerazzurri number 3 on his back. We’re lucky to have witnessed his warm embraces with his teammates, to have seen a true great of the game in action, and whether you watched it live or through footage of the past, they’re images that won’t ever be forgotten.

His class and innovation ensured him a place in the history of both football and Inter, with his name shining in the Nerazzurri Hall of Fame to this day. Memories of his football and goals still shine bright too, some of which were simply unforgettable, like that goal in our historic European Cup semi-final comeback against Liverpool, sending the Nerazzurri through to the final against Benfica.

His image remains a symbol of moral integrity, loyalty and transparency, characteristics that accompanied him throughout his career as a football, and on to his next step as a director and president.

78 years on from his birth we remember a great man and a great footballer: your example will forever remain the most precious gift you left us with.

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