Inter Club, the subscription campaign for the 2020/21 season now underway


The campaign celebrates 60 years since the Inter Club Coordination Centre first opened

MILAN – After the record-breaking numbers in the 2019/20 season, with 140,157 subscribers across 75 countries around the world, today marks the beginning of the new Inter Club subscription campaign for the 2020/21 season.

A special campaign, celebrating 60 years since the Coordination Centre was founded. Ever since that day in 1960, the Inter Club family have succeeded in uniting Nerazzurri fans from all over the world, helping them to share their passion for Inter and feel a part of this great family.

The video of the new campaign, shared today on the Nerazzurri’s social media channels, aims to unite the past and present, from the fans who admired the Grande Inter in its prime or our brothers and sisters who have joined the ranks over the years, forming the great and special family that Inter Club is today. A video that celebrates the past but also looks towards the future, with an increasingly international outlook.

Inter Club subscribers from all over the world took part in setting up the campaign, with historical footage from the Nerazzurri Club intertwined with content produced directly by our subscribers, who shared some of the best moments of their Nerazzurri passion with us.

As always, Inter Club subscribers for 2020/21 will receive an exclusive Welcome Kit, this year a new green version with the packaging now made out of recycled materials, testament to the Nerazzurri Club’s ever-increasing focus on environmental issues.

Check out the 2020/21 subscription campaign now: join the family, join the Inter Club!

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60 anni di Inter Club

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