Inter Club, another record-breaking campaign comes to an end!


With 140,157 subscribers and 937 Clubs in 75 countries around the world, the Coordination Centre has hit a historic record

MILAN - Passion for Inter has neither limits nor boundaries. That has been shown once again in the numbers from the 2019/20 Inter Club subscription campaign, with a new high of 140,157 subscribers spread across 937 Inter Clubs this season, setting a historic record.

These Clubs are dotted around 75 countries worldwide, with Inter Club subscribers now present on every continent. Looking at the numbers outside of Italy, we saw an exponential growth of 70% compared with the 2016/17 season, in line with the increasing globalisation of the Nerazzurri brand. China was among the best represented countries, while the biggest Club in the world can be found in Indonesia, boasting 3,646 subscribers: numbers and statistics that truly capture what it means to be Brothers Universally United.

Numbers have also been in constant growth in Italy, with our country home to the majority of subscribers: Lombardy alone hosts 181 Inter Clubs, while the biggest hub of subscribers can be found in Puglia with 11,700 subscribers spread across 81 Clubs. The record for the largest Club in Italy goes to Roccaspinalveti in Abruzzo, a province of Chieti, with 2,270 subscribers.

What makes the experience of belonging to an Inter Club so unique is the chance to feel part of the Club, sharing in its values and living it every day, with each subscriber able to feel a part of a common passion, irrespective of distance or whether they’re able to experience the atmosphere of the stadium in the flesh. All of this is made possible by a long list of benefits and perks for subscribers, such as dedicated events, Meet&Greets with players from the First Team in Italy and abroad, discounts and offers on match tickets and exclusive matchday activities. All subscribers are also given a welcome kit, the chance to experience two special games dedicated to them during the year and the organisation of trips to watch European away games. To become part of the Inter Club world and stay up to date on the activities and benefits, just head to the “Inter Club” section of our website at

As we await the 60th anniversary of our Coordination Centre next season, in order to thank all of our “Brothers of the World”, the Club has celebrated this new record today with a video shared on each of Inter’s social channels, expressing the power of a passion that sees no boundaries, able to unite fans from all corners of the world.

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