The doors to the Suning Youth Centre open, marking a new step forward in the development of club infrastructure

Inter College opens: a dedicated school for youngsters from the Nerazzurri academy
Inter College opens: a dedicated school for youngsters from the Nerazzurri academy

MILAN – The first bell of the day marks the opening of the Suning Youth Centre. The facility is the most recent project to renovate and expand the club’s infrastructure, following the opening of the new head office in Viale della Liberazione and the renovation of the clubhouse at the Suning Training Centre in Appiano Gentile.

From today this facility, which is located close to the Suning Youth Development Centre at Interello, will house Inter College, a school attended by around 60 youngsters from the Nerazzurri academy. There will be two education courses available to the students: a science-focused high school programme (Liceo Scientifico) with a sports option and a vocational programme (Istituto Professionale) in commercial services in sports.

With this new project, the club is aiming to achieve ever-increasing standards of quality, in terms of both the infrastructure and workspaces available, and the technical work being undertaken, thereby offering increasingly high-quality services in the management of athletes, including when it comes to matters off the pitch. The project furthermore sees Inter reaffirm its commitment to the youth sector – a real feather in the club’s cap – and the great attention it pays to the academic education and professionalism of its youngsters, who are trained first as people and as sportspeople second.

Inter College is the first component of the Suning Youth Centre, an extensive project that will be completed in the short term, which will include the boarding school for young Nerazzurri athletes and Inter youth sector offices.

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