Suspension of the Primavera 1 TIM 2020/2021 season


The Lega Calcio has decided with immediate effect that the Primavera 1 TIM league will be suspended until 3 December 2020.

MILAN - The Football League has officially decided to "suspend with immediate effect, until 3 December 2020 (taking into account the Prime Ministerial Decree from 3 November 2020), the matches of the Primavera 1 TIM Championship and with effect from 13 November 2020 those of the Primavera TIM Cup to allow the last match of the second round to take place".

The Covid-19 pandemic and the need to protect the safety of all the personnel employed in the various matches well as the employment of different players in the various First Teams as much as possible have led to the suspension. What’s more, considering that as many as seven Associations have teams playing in the Primavera 2 Championship (now suspended) as well as the impossibility of ensuring the same level of prevention and protection measures for professional competitions this has cumulatively brought about the postponement of the competition. This can be read in the official statement.

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