Inter eSports, a busy January


All of the dates for our pro players' fixtures this month

The month of January is an important month for Inter's pro eSports players. There are more qualifiers for the FIFA eClub World Cup, there are the FIFA Global Series qualifiers and in the Netherlands it’s time to compete for big prizes and glory.

Levy Frederique has it all to play for

Levy Frederique has the busiest schedule of our Inter eSports squad, but you won't hear him complain. He is ready to grab all the trophies he can get his hands on. First off, it is the Dutch eDivisie. In that competition he is on loan at FC Emmen together with Toon Buné from Bundled. Levi and his teammate will play the finals of the eDivisie, which are scheduled on the 6th of January. There is a 50,000 euro prize pool and will see them seeded for the playoffs of the FIFA 21 Global Series.

Besides this important tournament, Levy also plays for the eOranje. This is Levy's chance to play the eNations for his eSports national team, the Netherlands. The knockout matches are planned for 12 January, where four players are qualified for the training camp. The final squad will be selected at this training camp, with Levy hopefully getting the chance to represent his country.

FIFA eClub World Cup Qualifiers

On the 7 and 8 January, there is another big moment for our Inter eSports team. The qualifiers for the FIFAe Club World Cup will be held. Our players will compete in both the European as the South American qualifiers. Levi and Manoel Neto will play in Europe. In the South American competition, Pedro Resende and his compatriot Lucas Tabata will defend the honour of Inter eSports.

FIFA Global Series - Europe Qualifier

Finally, this weekend, on 9 and 10 January, we have the FIFA Global Series Europe Qualifiers 2. It is again Levi who will compete alongside Manoel and we expect both to improve their performance compared to Qualifier 1. So, as you can see, it is a big week for our Inter eSports squad.

Inter eSports, a busy January

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