Inter's Message for International Childhood Cancer Day


Sport as an engine for social inclusion: Vice President Javier Zanetti gave a speech at the convention organised by AIEOP and FIAGOP

MILAN – Ahead of the International Childhood Cancer Day on Monday 15 February, the Convention entitled "Paediatric Haematology and Oncology: Rehabilitation and Sport on the Path to Recovery" was held today, organized by AIEOP - Italian Association of Paediatric Haematology Oncology - and by FIAGOP - National Federation of Paediatric Oncology Parent Associations.

On behalf of FC Internazionale Milano, who have always supported the values of sport as a means for social inclusion, Vice President Javier Zanetti participated in the meeting, who in his speech spoke about the experience of "Football Therapy", the place at the Meazza stadium dedicated to boys and girls undergoing oncological and haematological treatment, and the "Winner’s Cup", a football tournament that in three years brought together hundreds of boys and girls, each with their own life story:

"Inter created the "Football Therapy" project because it believes in sport as an engine for social inclusion, as a universal message of brotherhood and as a tool for growing together - the words of Javier Zanetti – and at a certain point in time an idea was born to try to organize a football tournament to get to know each other and to be together. That dream became a reality and three years ago the “Winner’s Cup” tournament was born, which brought together hundreds of boys and girls. Inter Milan have supported this initiative with great pride, teaming up with AIEOP, FIAGOP, CONI and CSI, working hard so that the boys have the opportunity to live their passions and their dreams".

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