Inter involved in inaugural digital event with the Paralympic and Experimental Football Division


Javier Zanetti, the Nerazzurri's Vice President, tuned in to speak virtually to athletes that play in the tournament

MILAN – Earlier on today, Javier Zanetti virtually met male and female footballers that play in the Paralympic and Experimental Football Division, with Inter’s Vice President taking part in a live video on Facebook and the Division's official site. Zanetti inaugurated the first of a series of meetings that will take place on a monthly basis and which will involve all of the professional clubs working with the project. The aim is to include and support all registered members.

Hoping to help reduce interpersonal distances and the sense of loneliness caused by the pandemic and social isolation of these past few months, the Inter Vice President replied to questions from the male and female footballers involved and expressed his mutual passion for football being used as a tool to provide education and convey sporting values. The meeting was chaired by Pierluigi Pardo.

“It's only natural for Inter to support the Quarta Categoria project because these values are part of the Club’s DNA,” said Zanetti. “The secret to becoming champions is passion. If you’re passionate about a project, then you’re also ready to accept the difficult moments and struggles that may come your way. The secret to growing as a team is being friends. Being friends on the pitch and helping each other through tough times allows you to find the strength to bounce back together. At the moment, we need to be resilient, but the time will soon come where we’ll be able to see each other, embrace one another and play together. And when this is possible, I’ll take to the pitch with you. The Paralympic and Experimental Football Division is fantastic, there’s a lot of enthusiasm. You have fun and are friends, and this is the best thing. My time at Inter has been fantastic in every respect, I never imagined that I’d be able to stay at a Club like Inter for the entirety of my career and have such a bond with the fans. Inter are in my heart, as are the many social projects we’re involved in that transmit the true values of this Club.”

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