Happy birthday, Trap!


An icon for players, fans and the world of football: Trapattoni, Coach for the record-breaking Scudetto, celebrates turning 82 years old today!

A beacon of world football. Giovanni Trapattoni is an icon, a symbol for lovers of this sport. There's no fan or coach who doesn't know his story, who has not been carried away by his visceral love for the ball. There's not a player who has not spoken words of admiration for him. Tireless, direct and passionate, a leader and "psychologist", someone who was able to create one of the strongest teams ever, a legendary Inter who, in the 1988/89 season, conquered what would go down in history as a record-breaking Scudetto: 58 points out of an available 68, eleven points ahead of second place in the standings, the best attack and best defence in the league. The Scudetto was won at San Siro with four matchdays to go by beating Maradona’s Napoli. It was an Inter team that included the likes of Brehme and Matthäus, Bergomi and Berti, Serena and Diaz. A side that combined a sense of teamwork, technique and a hunger for victory.

One memorable photo from that achievement is when the entire team threw him in the air and supported him at the same time, just as he had done with them during that historic year.

In the Nerazzurri dugout from 1986 to 1991, in addition to the 1988/89 record-breaking Scudetto, he won the 1989 Supercoppa Italiana and the 1990/91 UEFA Cup following a two-legged final victory against Roma.

"I love the green of the fields and the ball too much. I was a coach because I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else".

It's precisely there that Trapattoni wrote history, creating unbreakable bonds and players who became legends. However, he always gave priority to the team, remembering that, at all levels, the beauty of football lies in a shared vision and making oneself available for the group. That is how you approach this sport, how you struggle to make your dreams come true, and how those dreams then become reality.

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