Ranocchia: "Scudetto, what a joy! A perfect reward for everything I've given over the years"


The Nerazzurri defender was interviewed after conquering the Scudetto

APPIANO GENTILE - Within hours, Andrea Ranocchia, together with his Nerazzurri teammates, will finally get his hands on the Scudetto trophy. It is a long-awaited moment to receive the tricolour for Ranocchia who has gone through so many years at Inter. From his first triumph, in the 2011 Coppa Italia, to this season which has been dominated: Andrea's joy is absolute. These are his words the microphones of Sky Sport.

How much are you enjoying this Scudetto?

"Very much, we are very happy and satisfied. We finished our journey deservedly in the best possible way. I have lived these colours for more than ten years and I am very, very happy".

When did you realise you could win it?

"For this group it was the arrival of Mister Conte. Last year we lost a final and finished second, but we understood that we could aspire to something more. There were difficult moments, but we were very good at managing them”.

Which was more motivating for you on your journey, the burning disappointments or the big match victories?

“A lot of things. There have been games won that in the past we wouldn’t have seen through. We have always managed all our energy very well, channelling them into every match”.

You had already worked with Conte at the beginning of your career: How has it been working with him again?

“He has certainly improved over the years. I’ve known him since his experience with Arezzo, and from there he’s gone on an extraordinary journey. Wherever he went, he won. There is method, passion, hard work, and a great staff: he is among the best in the world to motivate players in his direction. He also leads players who had never won to win, he is always ready to motivate”.

Does Conte manage to be persuasive even with those who play less often?

“He trains everyone in the same way. He even trains those who aren’t part of the team. The motivations come by themselves and he is very good at ensuring that everyone is available”.

Is this the beginning of a cycle?

“The group’s value is high, there are many young, strong players. At the moment we are enjoying the victory, then we will think about our plans for the future”.

The most important thing for you, on a personal level, about this Scudetto?

“The greatest satisfaction is getting to raise a second trophy with this team, a perfect reward for all that I have given, for all the efforts and all the moments with this jersey over the years”.

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