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A new format using analysis of training sessions has been launched ahead of time for Inter Academy in Beijing and involved coaches and players from the Élite U12 team

Inter Academy's projects continue to promote football and education. With this very objective, the new Live Coaching Corner was launched in advance for Inter Academy Yihai Beijing, with whom technical collaboration extends back to their founding five years ago in May 2016.

The scheme, based on video analysis, involved players and coaches, who in the first few meetings were able to analyse sessions from the Élite U12s at the Chinese Academy - thanks to video cameras placed around the Academy's Sports Centre in Beijing.

Lessons were led by coaches from the Inter Academy technical staff, who continue to aid the group in Beijing with technical drills, despite the long distances. Twelve coaches and ten kids from the Élite U12 took part.

The format, which was proposed to give continuity to the project in China and, at the same time, strengthen the bonds with the latter. It was, first and foremost, greatly appreciated by the coaches, who had the chance to increase their own knowledge and technical competence. There was also plenty of positive feedback from the players, who got to see each other and learn how to improve their own game through this new teaching tool.

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