Cordaz: "Being here's an honour, it's like coming home"


Alex Cordaz's first interview following his return to the Nerazzurri | VIDEO

MILAN – Pride, satisfaction, but also plenty of expecatations and a hunger to help the team. Alex Cordaz spoke about his feelings following his return to the Club in an exclusive interview with Inter TV:

Ciao, Alex, welcome home, what does it mean to you to be coming back after almost 20 years?

It's a great feeling and I'm really proud. I hope to make my contribution.

How did you feel when you got the call to come back to Inter?

It was a blast from the past; it's all been a bit strange. It only sunk in after a few days and then it gave me great pride and joy.

Being here, at this time, in the trophy room, with all this history, what does it mean?

It makes you understand even more what it means to be an Interista and what it means to support these colours. And for me, being year and having my photo taken in front of these trophies fills me with pride. It's like coming home.

The role of a goalkeeper is a very particular one, what do you expect from your second stint at Inter?

I expect to give a big hand to the team and to Inter.

Have you had a chance to speak with the coach?

Not yet, I'm pretty much the first one here, so we'll wait until 8 July to see each other.

Do you have a message for the Nerazzurri fans?

Yes! Support us and be with us because we need you to carry on dreaming big.

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