Nunziatini: “Joining Inter is a dream come true”


The 18-year-old opened up about his ambitions at his new home

APPIANO GENTILE – The first full day back in training for the Nerazzurri on Thursday saw pre-season preparations kick off in style. 18-year-old Francesco Nunziatini spoke to Inter TV about his first impressions since signing for the club from Livorno and the emotions he experienced as he joined up with the Primavera side.

How did it feel to sign for Inter?
As we all know, Inter are one of the biggest clubs in Europe. The feeling of signing for such a huge club is difficult to put into words. It’s a dream come true for me and the realisation of a massive target, but this has to be just the start point, not the end point.

How have the first few days at the club been for you?
It’s going well and I’m pleased to be here. Of course, I was very nervous because getting to be and train alongside players who I’d only previously watched on TV and whose jerseys I used to own has led me to experience strong emotions that I’ll always carry with me.

You’ve joined the club from Livorno as an 18-year-old. What are your attributes as a player? What type of midfielder are you?
I’m a player who really likes to put in a shift. I enjoy covering plenty of ground and helping the team out, but sometimes I also push forward to break into the box and try to score a few goals each season. In recent games, I’ve also played as a defender, but there’s not much difference for me. I’m willing to play wherever the coach thinks I can perform at my best.

You made 17 appearances for the Livorno first team. How important will that experience be during your time here?
Making the step-up to play at senior level was certainly a very important step that I took before coming here and it shaped me as a player. Reaching the first team made me feel that I was no longer such a young boy, but more of a mature one. I’d also like to thank Livorno Calcio for giving me those opportunities. I spent five years there and the path that I’ve been down so far is thanks to them.

Did the significance of the Inter crest play a big role in your decision to sign for the Nerazzurri?
It certainly did, because whenever offers from clubs come in, you always have to evaluate them, but when one comes in from a club like Inter, you just can’t turn it down.

What are your aims for the coming season?
I want to do well with Inter’s Primavera team. I’d be very pleased if we manage to achieve our main targets. The team went very close last year and let’s hope we get luckier next season. I hope to do my bit to help and I’m also pleased to have enjoyed some training sessions with the first-team squad.

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