10 questions for Denzel Dumfries


The new signing has answered questions from the fans on Inter’s official Instagram channel

MILAN – Denzel Dumfries has taken over Inter’s official Instagram channel to answer 10 questions sent in from the Nerazzurri fans, touching on everything from the Dutchman’s private life to his pride at making his debut in the black and blue.

Below are Dumfries’ responses.

1) Why did you choose Inter?

“Inter is an incredible club with incredible history, so the choice was really easy for me to join Inter.”

2) What’s your favourite Italian food?

“My favourite Italian food is, I think, pizza. I really like pizza, and pasta of course, but pizza margherita is my favourite.”

3) How did it feel when the fans clapped you onto the pitch at San Siro?

“It was a really special moment. I felt really blessed that I could come on and that the supporters were really shouting and clapping for me, so that was a really special moment.”

4) Who’s the most fun in the dressing room?

“I’ve only been here for one week, but my impressions are that Alex [Cordaz], the goalkeeper, is really funny. And Nicolo Barella is always singing in the dressing room and making a lot of noise.”

5) Why did you choose the No.2 jersey?

“I chose No.2 because when I was younger I always wore the No.2 jersey, and also at my former clubs Sparta and Heerenveen I always wore the No.2, so it was a really easy choice for me to pick that number.”

6) What was your first taste of San Siro like?

“It was really nice to play there for the first time. Incredible atmosphere, incredible stadium, really big… it was really impressive.”

7) What does it mean to you to wear the Inter jersey?

“I’m very excited. It’s a jersey with a lot of history – a lot of big names already played in the jersey, so for me it’s an honour to represent Inter and wear the jersey.”

8) Who’s your favourite Inter player of all time?

“Wesley Sneijder, another Dutch player. He did incredible things here and won the Champions League, so for me he’s one of the best players.”

9) What’s your biggest strength on the pitch?

“I think one of my best qualities is that I work a lot, I run a lot on the pitch and make a lot of metres for the team.”

10) What’s your favourite Denzel Washington film?

“The Equalizer. I’ve watched it a lot of times and really like the movie.”

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