Inter Academy's activities continue apace in Brazil


Inter CMO Luca Danovaro visited the Inter Academy Marajoara headquarters, the first ‘street Academy’ launched in the area with the support of IT.Sports

SAO PAOLO - Inter Academy's activities have continued apace in Brazil. With the backing of IT.Sports the Nerazzurri have introduced an innovative model of football school management, achieved through cutting-edge technology which guarantees the highest technical and management standards.

The Nerazzurri already have 50 'escolinhas' (football schools), in Brazil, a number which will double in 2023. This academy network has presence throughout the country. Since 2019 IT.Sports have been involved in the project along with Inter's 'Commercial and Marketing Embassy'. This very organisation organised the Nerazzurri's business tour to Sao Paulo.

One of the parts of the delegation led by the Nerazzurri CMO Luca Danovaro was visiting the Inter Academy Marajoara, the first example of the new concept of the 'Street Academy', which both IT.Sports and Inter are aiming to develop throughout the country.

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