Doctor Piero Volpi speaks to Sky Sport

Doctor Piero Volpi speaks to Sky Sport


Jan 3rd 2022

The head of the club’s medical department features in “Calciomercato – L’Originale”

MILAN – Doctor Piero Volpi was a guest on the first episode of “Calciomercato – L’Originale” of 2022 on Sky Sport.

The head of the Inter medical department answered questions about the current situation in the Italian football world against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It’s inevitable that there’s an element of worry at every club, particularly after a Christmas break in which players went on holiday with their families combined with the increase in case numbers due to the outbreak of the Omicron variant that has affected the whole of Europe, even Italy where the situation was calmer.

“In any case, I think the conditions are in place to move forward provided that people feel a sense of responsibility and respect the rules and guidance from the authorities. It’s important for everyone to understand that our own well-being also hinges on the well-being of those around us. As we live in a community, we must always behave responsibly.”

When asked about why players are more exposed to injury than in the past, Volpi explained: “The way that football is managed has changed, as there’s less time to prepare and more and more fixtures. Inter’s good squad management is down to the coaching staff, the fitness coaches and club officials who have selected players with real athleticism. 

“The important aspect for football in the present and in the future is that we manage to invest more and more in the medical side with top-level staff and tools. This is the message that we need to send out to help reduce injuries and it’s also useful during this period in which we’re so affected by Covid-19.

“We need to get used to a new football world and know how to adapt.”

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