COMO, ITALY - JULY 26: Club Manager Riccardo Ferri of FC Internazionale looks on at the club's training ground Suning Training Center, on July 26, 2022 in Como, Italy. (Photo by Mattia Ozbot - Inter/Inter via Getty Images)

Ferri "It\'s a proud moment to come back and be part of the Nerazzurri again"

Ferri "It\'s a proud moment to come back and be part of the Nerazzurri again"


Jul 27th 2022

The words from the former defender, the first team's new Club Manager

APPIANO GENTILE - A new chapter has officially opened at the Club for ex-defender Riccardo Ferri, as he takes up his new role as First Team Club Manager. He spoke exclusively to Inter TV about the role:

How will you approach and carry out this new role as First Team Club Manager?

"It's a proud moment for me to come back and be part of the Nerazzurri group again. The approach is the same as when I first came to Inter, and the one I've had since I was a child: with of modesty, dedication and respect. And a characteristic I have always tried to have, a sense of belonging, as well as being available to those around me in having reachable and shared common goals".

You came through the junior teams here and have played for Inter for 13 years. You've been an Ambassador for the Club and now you've returned to this new role: could you have ever imagined your career turning out like this??

"I dreamt it, and now that I'm living it, I just want to enjoy every minute of it day by day. I'll try to help the team, the Club and everyone involved so that we can all reach our objectives".

Your bond with Inter is very strong: What does it mean to you to represent the Club once again in this new role?

"It's a huge responsibility, as it was when I was a player. It's important to recognise the size and ambition of the Club and the huge importance that is put on wearing the shirt. To be a part of the management team is an absolute privilege, but it's also a role that can provide difficulties. I will need the help and availability of everyone so that we improve quickly and immediately get down to work to reach the objectives we've set".

How can your experiences as a player help you carry out the role of Club Manager?

"I believe it will be vital. It's obviously been a few years, but I was part of a group of real professionals and experienced a strong changing room. It's a setting where you learn to understand the players around you through their attitude, and their facial expressions. Sometimes, players go through negative situations never saying a word, so express themselves on the outside: it's important to know how to read players through their eyes".

What's the most important quality for the Inter spirit? What's needed to do well here?

"The most important thing is to work hard daily, to not beat yourself up after a defeat and not get too excited when you win. Also, we mustn't forget to add perseverance. Every day, you must look to try and improve everything, every detail, not only players but also everyone who is part of the working culture and environment. Nothing should be left to chance when trying to reach common, shared goals".

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