FC Internazionale Shareholders' Meeting

Shareholders' meeting speech - President, Steven Zhang


Oct 26th 2023


Welcome to this year’s shareholders’ meeting. It is a pleasure as always to share this moment with you. Sadly I can’t be in the room with you physically this year, as important projects of Suning are keeping me in China at this time.

We are here to take stock of the 2022/23 season together. Obviously this takes us back to those thrilling nights that led us all the way to the Champions League final in Istanbul – Inter back at the top, starring on the most prestigious stage in the world. We came close to a feat that everyone deemed impossible, competing with the best in the world showing that our team can match any opponent.

This past year is confirmation of our incredible growth as a team and as a company, and our determination has taken us to great heights. We won two more trophies, our ninth Coppa Italia and seventh Italian Super Cup, both for the second season running. We have created continuity with another successful season in the space of five years, with five trophies in the last three years alongside two European finals, showing just how well we can compete on the field of play. We brought the excitement of a double European derby to Milan and gave our fans two fantastic wins. An extraordinary journey ended with our sixth Champions League final, in which we showed great character both on and off the field. We played well and stirred emotions, making Nerazzurri fans proud all over the world.

I would like to thank our Sport CEO Giuseppe Marotta, our Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello, our Vice President Javier Zanetti, our coach Simone Inzaghi, all our male and female players – in their first year as professionals – and all of the coaching staff and employees who have fought passionately for our club throughout the whole year. I thank you on behalf of all Inter fans for your commitment and your exceptional work.

This season we have also realised that our ambition does not stop here. The path we must take together lies before us. What we have achieved over the last few years is the starting point for our club’s future. Today, Inter is a modern, innovative, digital company, a brand that goes far beyond the football pitch and is infused with culture, design, and fashion. The Nerazzurri colours are a symbol of excellence, from Milan all across the world.

Last year, the club achieved a major reduction in losses thanks to the process of financial rebalancing that we are following with the combined action of reducing costs and increasing revenues. The continued support of the majority shareholder has helped sustain the club's ambitions and development.

Spring 2023 saw three Italian teams competing in European finals, giving rise to the ‘Calcio is Back!’ slogan. Italian football clubs have immense potential, and every effort is required to realise this. This is an excellent platform to improve the appeal of Serie A around the world, capitalise on its unique charm, and help our product reach its true worth. Inter has, as always, played its part in this process by focusing on the development of our brand and enhancing our football's competitiveness in Italy and in the world.

We are facing strong competition from old and new rivals alike. We have to deal with the sudden growth of the Saudi Pro League and at the same time manage financial competition with big European leagues, such as the English Premier League. However, thanks to football institutions working together, this is also a time of excellent opportunities for growth. For example, the new format of the Champions League beginning in the 2024-2027 cycle and the new FIFA Club World Cup to be held in 2025 in the United States. Making the most of these opportunities is our primary goal.

To achieve this, our every effort must go into achieving financial stability. Since 2016, Inter has been committed to developing our infrastructure. We are moving forward with our plans for a new club-owned stadium, which is of strategic importance for the history of the club.

The new season is off to a promising start with a huge win in the derby – our fifth victory in five meetings in 2023. We’re back at the top of Serie A and have made an excellent start in the Champions League, confirming the ability of a team bolstered by new, top-class players that joined the club over the summer. Inzaghi has seen 12 new players strengthen the squad, among whom both world-class players and young talents. This shows how much trust is placed in the team and our staff and the commitment of the shareholder to keeping the team at the highest level of competitivity.

Off the pitch, the club has signed some extremely valuable deals. We have renewed our partnership with our technical sponsor, Nike, until 2028, the year in which we will celebrate 30 years together. Paramount+ has also become our main shirt sponsor for this season – a partnership that positions us in the global entertainment industry.

Today is my fifth anniversary as president and I am incredibly proud to see the development and growth of the club have the chance to lead one of the biggest and best-loved clubs in the world. I thank you for the support I keep receiving from all of you. I can promise you that in these five years as president and in the almost eight years since we took over the club,I have given all my love and dedication to this club. As long as I am the President of Inter . I am proud to have steered Inter in a positive direction together with all our staff and players. Inter is now once again one of the top clubs in Europe representing of millions of people around the world.

Winning is always our priority. We will fight to earn that second star for our fans and to enter into the history books of this club forever. Thank you and I’ll see you soon at San Siro to cheer on our Inter together.

Forza Inter!

FC Internazionale Milano SPA Shareholders' meeting approves financial results for 2022/2023


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