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Zamorano: "Goals in the derbies and that celebration with Chino..."


Feb 4th 2023

Ivan Zamorano told us about his derbies: 'I carry in my heart all the goals I scored with the Inter shirt, but those in the derby are special'

Grit, uplift, power and a lot of heart. Every time Ivan Zamorano entered the field, the fans were sure he would give everything. His passion today is the same as it always was, and when it comes to the Derby his eyes light up with beautiful images and memories, reliving the first goal he scored in a derby in the 3-1 win on 13 April 2007:

“I carry in my heart all the goals I scored in the Inter shirt, but those in the derby are special. My first goal was a header, a goal showing my quality, my attitude, the elevation and the header, it was as beautiful as the atmosphere on the day. ”

In 2000 came his second goal against AC Milan, born from his feet and a bet with Chino Recoba:

“Chino Recoba and I had made a bet before the match, if he scored I would take him on my shoulder but if I scored it would be me on his shoulders...and in the end I scored! I remember Di Biagio's ball for Recoba who was practically alone in the area and saw me coming the other way shouting "Chino, Chino!!!", it was a beautiful goal and a great victory in a difficult match.”

And then there is the anticipation of the derby, the desire to come on and make a difference:

“I am a derby player, every time I played an important clásico, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Sevilla vs Betis, I had a lot of confidence and I am happy to have scored these goals that have remained in the hearts of Inter fans. The derby doesn't need motivation, my game was gritty, I just wanted to get on the pitch and 'eat' the game. I slept little at night, I thought and thought again what I could do on the pitch, my heart, my head was on the game. Now I live it with the same intensity, the difference is that when I was on the pitch I could decide the match, now as a fan I can only cheer, shout 'Forza Inter!' but with the same passion!”

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