Inter Campus Uganda awash with colour


Our latest trip to Nagalama to work with the children of St Joseph's school

Nagalama is always awash with colour. On top of the bright greens and blues of the vegetation and the sky, the red earth and the black and blue Inter shirts, yellow and orange were added this year in the shape of sponsor MPfiltri's logo. They help us come back twice a year to St Joseph's primary school, where 400 boys and girls attend after-school training sessions, sports courses and inter-school tournaments run by our local coaches.

One the grass has been cut and collected to make the surface more playable, Inter Campus coaches Alberto Giacomini and Lorenzo Forneris begin running training sessions. After eight years' work, you can really see results both in terms of schooling (attendance has risen, there's greater discipline and the families are more heavily involved) and from a football perspective, thanks to the efforts of our local coaches Josephine, Fred and Michael.

Thanks to MPfiltri, we want to give this project a further boost now that it has become a real hub for sports activity in the Mukono school district in central Uganda. We also had the nice surprise of five educator-coaches coming from nearby towns to attend our course after word spread of the Italian coaches. They know that we keep coming back and won't abandon the project which sadly has been the case elsewhere in the past. They know they can trust us.

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