The incredible story of Tarek and his journey from Libya to Milan for Inter vs. Genoa

MILAN -We are “Brothers of the World”. There are stories every day which remind us of this. Tomorrow at Inter vs. Genoa, Tarek will be at San Siro for the match.  He will be one fan among thousands looking to push the side on to victory. In that regard, his story is similar to many others but still unique in its own way.

“I’ve supported Inter and the Italian National Team since I was eight,” he told us. “To visit Italy has been my dream since I was a child and I when I had the chance, I decided to go. I waited three months to make the trip because there aren’t any direct flights to Milan.”

“Therefore, I went to Tunisia and on to Rome from there where I spent a few days before going to Florence and then finally: Milan.”

First stops? “It had to be the Duomo and the Inter Store. I’m now counting the minutes until it’s time for Inter vs. Genoa at San Siro.  To go to the stadium was one of my dreams, something I promised myself I’d do in my lifetime."

“I expect the stadium to be full with Nerazzurri brothers and for there to be a lot of adrenaline. Before, I’ll visit the museum to get even more into the atmosphere pre-match. I want to shout Icardi’s name with all the fans after a goal, I really hope I get to do that!”


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