Thanks to all the Inter Club members across the world!


Luciano Spalletti pays homage to over 110,000 members around the globe

MILAN - Nerazzurri passion is spread all across the world on a daily basis thanks to official Inter Clubs. Members speak different languages and come from different cultures, however, they all share the same thing: Nerazzurri DNA. 
The passion for Inter Club has always stood out thanks to pride, values, and a desire to share their love for Inter with other people. Whether they’re from Argentina, Italy, China or Australia, it never makes a difference. Many travel long distances to watch Inter home or away, while others travel to other locations to support their club. Every member has their own Nerazzurri tale to tell, with their emotions and memories all stemming from their own Inter Club experience. 
An intense and exciting season has just finished but the great Inter Club family are already preparing for next year’s campaign. Luciano Spalletti wants to pay homage to all the Nerazzurri members across the world with a video message!

Versión Española  日本語版  Versione Italiana  中文版 

Luciano Spalletti's greetings for Inter Clubs

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