Even though there are not as many girls involved in Inter Campus, the enthusiasm, dedication and tenacity of those present is still just as high

Coaches at Inter Campus love to train the girls: “They are attentive, respectful, hard-working and really want to have fun”. These were the words of Beit Zafafa, from East Jerusalem, referring to the 18 Arab girls that every week, year on year, train together with the two coaches Rozi and Beisan.

It is a group in constant growth, not only in terms of numbers (at the start of last season there were five), but also progress. Despite the difficulties, which are particularly cultural, training continues. At the heart of the entire project is gender equality. Not only on the pitch but also off it.

This is reflected all across the world, creating different opportunities for girls at risk of violence in Argentina, poverty and criminality in Venezuela and Brazil, or introducing an unknown sporting activity to girls in Cambodia, allowing them to improve fitness and character.

They can be orphans, girls from special schools in Poland, Muslim girls from Morocco or Lebanon or young girls in Africa with colourful ribbons in their hair. All in all, protagonists of Inter Campus play with passion and wear the Nerazzurri colours with pride, a symbol of identity and equality.

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