The project continues to grow with the active support of the local community

MANAGUA - On the stands by the pitch at the Istituto Nicaraguense de Deportes (IND) which has hosted Inter Campus Nicaragua training since 2014, we notice a group of mothers who are a permanent fixture for all of the boys and girls' sessions.

We knew about this, but didn’t expect it to be so organised. For some months, the parents have been engaging with the project to attend their children’s sessions, discussing the benefits, especially the educational ones that come about with the participation of Inter Campus. That’s not all they do as they look to participate in an active way whenever possible. For example, they’ve worked to repair old bibs and organised meetings with other parents to keep everyone informed.

It’s a pleasure to stop and talk with them but doing so offers an interesting insight above all in understanding how their engagement benefits the entire community and not just their children. It’s another vital cog in the Inter Campus Nicaragua machine.



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