New energy at Inter Campus Poland


The first intergrated training sessions for children from the established Jadwiga centre, children from the special school and Kazimierz Orphanage

KRAKOW - Creating inclusive moments which can be shared between the different Inter Campus Poland centres has always been close to our hearts.

To see the children from the Jadwiga centre which has been active since 2002 playing with other children from different centres which were established later to deal with social issues such as child abandonment and intellectual disabilities was a very pleasant sight.

On a sunny day, we started in Jadwiga where our local contact Olek had an appointment with a group of children coached by Witek who has always been involved in the project. He takes them to the special school where the boys and guys are waiting for us on the artificial pitch surrounded by bushes.

After the typically exciting handover of the shirts which Olek delayed until our visit, the children from the two groups are taken through games with and without the ball by Andrea, Fabio and Inza, playing like they had always known one another. All while holding one another by the hand, giving their all and with all making a contribution.

Children from the Kazimierz in the Jewish quarter of Krakow were also guests at the concrete pitch, getting to know other children and sharing their passion for the sport together.

Activities proved so popular they will continue after our visit, involving more and more children as part of this adventure based on play and friendship.

New energy at Inter Campus Poland New energy at Inter Campus Poland New energy at Inter Campus Poland

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