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Children enjoyed training sessions over the course of our latest trip to Tel Aviv, while there was also the launch of a new centre in Jerusalem

Jerusalem East - Following a consolidated structure during our last Autumn visits, even during our most recent at the start of the season, this time we opted for the Sukkot week. This is a Jewish festival in which one remembers life in the desert during the people of Israel’s journey to the promised land. This allows us to double up on our activities, even during the mornings. 

In Tel Aviv, we conducted training from 9 till 12, with a chance to have smaller groups of children and to work better on integration between young refugees. They are predominantly Sudanese, Ethiopian and Israeli, as we seek to provide families with support during days when the kids are off school. 

Meanwhile, in the Abu Tor district of Jerusalem, which is one of the few where Arabs and Israelis live together peacefully, the kids involved in the new Inter Campus project played football together. They were encouraged by their families, all happy to get take part in activities that are inspired thanks to local foundation GoodNeighbours. 

Inter Campus Israele Palestina Inter Campus Israele Palestina Inter Campus Israele Palestina

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