7 - Inter Xmas Advent Calendar: Helenio Herrera


The seventh day of our calendar is dedicated to the Wizard

"Whoever plays as an individual, plays for the opposition. Whoever plays for the team, plays for himself!"

We’ve managed to choose one, but we could have gone for another 100 at the very least. He didn’t just come out with words, he came out with sayings. And these were demands, demands which were pinned on the walls of the dressing room and visible to everyone. “Those who don’t give everything give nothing”, “Class + Preparation + Athleticism + Intelligence = Scudetto”, “Fighting or playing? Fighting and playing!”, “Everyone needs to feel responsible for the team”.

He was compelling, was HH. Helenio Herrera, the Wizard. He had a quick tongue, clear ideas and an ability to instill courage, forge a mentality and bring a group together. Indeed, he was the one who shaped the “Grande Inter” side. Sarti, Burgnich, Facchetti, Bedin, Guarnieri, Picchi, Jair, Peirò, Mazzola, Suarez, Corso. Incredible names, eternal memories.

'Tacalabala': a mix of Venetian and Spanish and the term coined by Herrera to describe his idea of football, one which involved attacking the ball. And his Inter did just that. He was in charge of the Nerazzurri for eight seasons, winning three Scudetto titles, two European Cups (1964 and 1965) and two Intercontinental Cups. Born in 1910, Herrera passed away in 1997. His memory is everlasting, the legacy he left has inspired generations of coaches. For all Inter fans, the Wizard remains truly unique with all his fantastic quips and Nerazzurri victories.

7 - Inter Xmas Advent Calendar: Helenio Herrera

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