D'Ambrosio: "We'll go into the semi-final as we always do: as a team"


The Inter defender spoke ahead of the clash with Shakhtar

DÜSSELDORF - We’re getting closer: just two days are left until the semi-final in the Düsseldorf Arena. Inter vs. Shakhtar Donetsk kicks off at 21:00 CEST on Monday. The Nerazzurri are already in town and preparing for the game. Danilo D’Ambrosio, in an interview with Sky Sport, spoke about the run-up to the game. “We know about Shakhtar and we’re studying them closely: they’re a strong team with a lot in individual talent. They’re quick and technical up top. They’ve consistently done well in recent seasons. They’re stronger in the wide areas than other teams. But we’re compact both in the defensive and offensive phase. We’ll take them on like we always do, as a team, united.”

“Lukaku is a great striker, as are Lautaro and Alexis. I agree with what the coach said, Romelu is doing something extraordinary thanks to the team, who allow him to score and help him with their runs off the ball. He’s a strong boy and we try to utilise that as much as possible, especially in the opponents’ penalty area.”

“I’m doing well at the moment, but all the team’s doing well. You don’t reach a semi-final just with individuals. The coach and the staff make sure we’re always ready to play, knowing what we have to do. Everyone needs to do their part. There’s only one secret: work hard and consistently, don’t take anything for granted. This jersey needs to be earned every day.”

Finally, on Monday’s game: “We’re not favourites. The teams are equal. Our strength is to take the field with a determined team and with a united group.”

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