Together, we'll always win


Connected from 19 different countries, people got together in their hundreds to support Inter with their friends and those around the world.

MILAN - For some it was four in the morning, for others it was mid-afternoon. Across the 240 users connected during the game between Real Madrid and Inter, there were hundreds of children watching. Some of them were watching from home, others from school, some from the internet point in their neighbourhood and even some from their mother or father's mobile phone. Coaches and local contacts were brought together, bringing with them their traditions and wide variety of different languages. The desire is to be together and share a few hours of joy. Football becomes the only language that counts, which is something that Inter Campus teaches and encourages alongside integration, friendship and fun.

Watch the video and relive that night with us!

Versione Italiana 

Inter Campus assisting Real Madrid - Inter

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