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Pedro wins South American Qualifier 3 and more

Last weekend was an amazing one. There was the South American Qualifier 3, where Pedro made it to the finals. And, in a big battle with the four best players in South America on the Xbox One, he enjoyed glory.

Pedro takes gold

That is by far our biggest story of the week. Ahead of the weekend, Pedro was already full of confidence. A few weeks ago, he secured FIFAe Club World Cup Qualification with his teammate Luca. But now it was time for a personal victory in the FIFA 21 Global Series South American Qualifier 3. He was there with the eight best players in South America and did amazingly well.

Pedro started off with a great win against fellow Brazilian player Lil weasel3865. After that, it was a closer battle against Longaray, another Brazilian, but he managed to emerge victorious. In the semi-final, he had a difficult task against Argentine player Valen. The first match ended in a draw, but he secured a place in the final with a victory in the second fixture. In that final, he enjoyed another battle with Valen, who won in the Loser Bracket. The first game of that final finished with a 2-0 win for Valen. After a 1-1 draw in the second match, a second final was required (the player from the Loser Bracket has to win twice).

It was all on the line for our Pedro, but he delivered. In the first match, he was on his game and came away with a 2-0 win. The second goal came in the 83rd minute, much to his delight. With that victory secured, he was ready for the next one. In the 20th minute, he was awarded a penalty. He kept his cool, scored and, from that moment, it was clear that he would hold on to the final victory. Congratulations!

If you to look back at the finals that Pedro won, you can visit the Twitch-page of our Inter eSports Partner EA Sports here:

eSerie A TIM

At 20:00 CET on 16 February, the eSerie A TIM will reveal the pairings for the group stages live on its Twitch channel: we'll find out which clubs will be competing against each other during the Regular Season and also analyse the forces on the field for this first phase.

Levy and Manoel fight hard in Europe Qualifier 3

This weekend, there was also a big battle in Europe, during which Levy and Manoel fought hard. The European competition is very strong and you have to win a lot of matches if you want to reach the final stage of the competition. Things didn't go Manoel's way. His first match against Reen_Il ended in a 5-3 loss. His first game in the Loser Bracket saw him come up against Bombermaltese09 and lose 4-2, so his qualifying campaign was over.

Levy did very well. He was awarded a bye in the first round, after which he picked up 5-1, 6-5 and 4-2 victories. In the fifth round, he played a great opponent in Grizi Mino7x, who beat him 6-4.

However, he still wasn't done and picked where he'd left off. Thanks to great 4-1, 7-0 and 7-6 victories, he made it to the 11th round in the Loser Bracket. A 3-2 loss against RBLZ Gaucho marked the end for him. He was close to the finals, but we're proud that he was able to finish in the Top 25.

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