Sport is an instrument to educate


Inter Campus and the numerous stories to tell

Every single day, Inter Campus supports thousands of children, youngsters who have been denied the Right to Play along with many others. Health, education and the opportunity to grow up far away from drugs and crime are all issues that are of concern for the Nerazzurri’s social project.

There are numerous stories to tell, like that of Cristiano Ronaldo Nascimento do Santos, a visually impaired Brazilian youngster whose name was deliberately chosen by his parents in the hope that a better destiny was just around the corner. There’s also Pepita, who has spent most of her life in an underground canal in Bucharest. As for José Manuel from Mexico City, after being abused by his father, he took back control of his life thanks to the Fundacion Rencaimiento and Inter Campus.

Because the Nerazzurri’s social project is much more than playing with balls: it means thinking big but applying common sense. The lives of our children serve as a point of departure from which concrete help can be provided. Knowing how to listen and getting to know each other are key. It’s from this point that we can start to grow together.

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