Inter Campus Cuba collaborating with local community


Despite the current situation in Cuba the Nerazzurri's social project goes from strength to strength

In recent months, Cuba has been going through a paradoxical situation. On the one hand the country has coped well with the COVID-19 pandemic, but on the other the socio-economic conditions of the population have worsened. While the Caribbean island has reopened to tourism in recent weeks and schools have allowed for the return of students, at the same time the increase in the price of food – including staples - has further increased the difficulties facing Cuban society.

However Inter Campus, which has been active in Havana and Holguin, has been able to provide important support not only to the families of the children of the project, but to the whole local community as a whole. In fact, for many children just knowing that they have a safe educational and recreational space offers them a degree of certainty and security, a shining light in what is a dark time for the country. All of the local staff have never ceased in their commitment, and it is also thanks to them that the educational and development path of children continues to yield fantastic results.

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