Caicedo: "Proud to be Inter's first Ecuadorian player"


Our new striker speaks exclusively to Inter TV: "I can't wait to start training with Inzaghi and the team"

MILANFelipe Caicedo was a mixture of excitement, joy and desire to get stuck in with his new team-mates as he spoke to Inter TV in his first interview since joining the club.

How excited are you to be an Inter player?
“I'm very excited. I want to be a success here. First of all, I want to thank the coach, Inzaghi for trying his best to bring me here. I'm delighted and can't wait to start training and playing for Inter. I'm really proud to represent my country and to be the first Ecuadorian to play for Inter. I'm very happy and I think I can do very well here.”

You'll be reunited with Inzaghi, who you worked with for four years at Lazio. How keen are you to work with him again? And how important was he in your decision to join Inter?
“Yes, I worked with him for four years at Lazio and now we get to link up again. He was really important. He convinced me to join straight away. So I am grateful and can't wait to start training under him again."

Have you already spoken to any of your new team-mates? Has Joaquin Correa told you what it means to wear the Inter shirt?
“Yes, I spoke to Tucu and he explained everything to me. I can't wait to see him again. We were team-mates at Lazio for three years. I miss him too. I'm happy to work with him again too.”

During your time at Lazio, you had a knack for scoring decisive goals at the end of the game, with six after the 90th minute. Inter have developed a similar knack, winning three games in stoppage time in the last month. It seems you've come to the right place!
“Let's hope so. You work to be able to do things like that but if you can score before then, it's even better!”

Do you have a message for the fans who will be watching you at San Siro?
“I just want to say thank you. I can't wait to get started. Forza Inter!”

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