Ritorno a Nagallama per Inter Campus


Warm welcome for the project team on their return to the country

Nagalama – Inter Campus was finally able to return to Uganda recently after the pandemic had put a halt to activities in the country. The team enjoyed an enthusiastic reception from the children at St Joseph’s primary school in Nagalama.

It was hard to recognise some of them given how much they’ve grown in this period, but they hadn’t forgotten us. They threw us a great celebration, especially as we opened the large boxes of training kits for them.

Under lockdown, activities had been stopped for two years, making it impossible to gather for classes or sporting activities. Schools, which rely on the diocese and fees for funding, were on the verge of closing. But now everything is returning, slowly but surely.

We stayed in touch with some of the coaches over phone and video call, so it didn’t seem real to be back hugging our friends, standing out there on the pitch with them and watching as they hosted training for the 300 children in the project. It was thanks to MP Filtri, our sponsor who did not abandon us even during this difficult period, that we could come back to build hope together.

Away from school, some children suffered financially and socially. Some could only eat once per day, missed their friends and classmates, or lacked health and social provisions. In some cases, they fell ill or without the protection of school, became pregnant.

They are hard stories to hear, but the school has taken on the responsibility. Now, it returns with great determination, both on the football pitch and in the classroom, to overcome all these issues and build a future for this small rural community together, starting with the wonderful children and teachers. We’re back!

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