Inter get closer than ever to fans by redefining online experience with launch of new digital ecosystem

Inter get closer than ever to fans by redefining online experience with launch of new digital ecosystem


Aug 1st 2022

The Nerazzurri have unveiled a new integrated platform which allows fans to feel a more intimate connection to their Club: new design and innovative content for the website and app, and a revamped e-commerce store offering a one-of-a-kind shopping experience

MILAN – Inter’s quest to further develop their brand in the name of innovation and digitalisation is gathering pace, and in the latest development the club have today unveiled their new Digital Ecosystem. It is a platform which channels the potential of the club's online output and allows fans to truly feel part of the Nerazzurri world.

Beginning today, the first stage of this process sees the club website and app undergo a complete revamp in terms of their design and use of content. There’s also the unveiling of a new e-commerce store which offers a best-of-its-kind shopping experience. The evolution of the club's digital platforms is set to go from strength to strength with new and significant updates to be released in the coming months.

This latest milestone is further proof of the club’s continuous investment in new and increasingly innovative methods and tools offering increasingly personalised and exclusive experiences to fans in all four corners of the globe. From today they will be able to feel a stronger bond with Inter than ever before.

The new Digital Ecosystem features a website and app which have both undergone a complete revamping in terms of their design and content, meaning fans will now have access to exclusive materials and new ways to follow their beloved team more closely than ever. The design has undergone a complete overhaul in line with the brand's new visual identity. Other novelties include features such as on-demand videos, which can now be accessed directly on the site thanks to the new integrated OTT platform, and the IM Plus account, a free-to-access area which will grant fans access to exclusive content.

The Nerazzurri’s new e-commerce store redefines what it means to shop online, offering a cutting-edge sales platform which is centred around the requirements and desires of the fan. The store has been fully integrated into the club’s digital revolution and is available in six languages, different currencies, and numerous payment methods. It will offer an ever-growing range of products, both those branded by Inter and limited-edition collaborations with other brands. It provides the ideal showcase for Nerazzurri products, which have been designed and developed with a keen attention to quality and design, capable of meeting the different tastes of fans around the world.

The increase in touchpoints and interactivity in the Digital Ecosystem will provide for a better profiling of Nerazzurri fans, allowing the club to offer them experiences which cater to their specific needs and tastes.

It is also good news in terms of business opportunities for e-commerce, ticketing and partners. Dedicated content slots will be available which are capable of reaching thousands of fans on a daily basis as well as customised sub-sites where businesses can create personalised immersive experiences.

The project was conceived and developed in collaboration with two leading companies in the sector, PwC Italia and DEPT®. The former were the key players in the club’s new e-commerce store coming into fruition while the latter were responsible for the improved website and the app, taking advantage of the online streaming platform of StreamAMG.

“The new Digital Ecosystem is another step forward in our brand’s growth. We’ve once again reaffirmed our position at the forefront of innovation. This revolution represents another milestone in our brand repositioning: following the evolution of our visual identity in 2021, this ground-breaking project, in which the Ownership has invested, allows us to redefine the digital experience of our fans.”

Alessandro Antonello, Corporate CEO of FC Internazionale Milano

“Thanks to the improvements of the website, the app, and the new e-commerce store, we’re revolutionising our fans’ experience with the club. In using the new site and app fans will be able to experience Inter in a more immersive way, enjoying the revamped design and content. Moving forward, fans’ shopping experience will be integrated thanks to the new e-commerce store, which allows fans to buy Inter products, including everything from clothing to match tickets, in a more streamlined and accessible way. The new digital ecosystem will also provide our partners with new opportunities to invest further.”

Luca Danovaro, FC Internazionale Milano's Chief Revenue Officer

“Inter have embarked on an ambitious programme to improve their e-commerce store, aimed at redefining their standards of engagement and relationship with their fans around the world. Our customer transformation team who oversaw the project are proud to be part of this wider group of people working on the Digital Ecosystem and to be able to tackle and conquer future challenges with Inter by their side.”

Matteo Bonente, PwC Italia's Partner

“Inter are redefining the experience of what it means to be a football fan and this is in line with their positioning as a world-renowned brand. In the first phase the club focused on the evolution of their visual identity and logo. Now it's time to kick on to the next level in the digital field. We are proud to embark on this journey together with Inter and we’re excited about everything that’s to come.”

Dimi Albers, DEPT® CEO

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