Vecchi: “I have a strong squad. It was a great reaction from the First Team”


The 46-year-old tactician was awarded the ‘Trofeo Maestrelli' for being the best Italian coach in the Youth Sector

MONTECATINI - Coach of the Nerazzurri’s Primavera side Stefano Vecchi, was recently honoured with ‘Trofeo Maestrelli’ award, which is reserved for the best Italian coach from the Youth Sector: “I’m very happy with what is such an important award,” said Vecchi. “I want to thank those who’ve recognised my achievements with the Academy. We triumphed during the first phase of the Viareggio Cup, and the squad is doing well despite many absences. Fortunately, I have a strong set of players and that’s why so many of them are away on National Team duty. The others must remain at the top of their game.”

Vecchi was also quick to praise the First Team following their emphatic win on Saturday: “Inter have returned to being their true selves. It was a great reaction after some modest performances and yesterday they demonstrated their true value. Icardi’s backheel was just the cherry on the cake.” As for picking out individuals, Vecchi added: “Zaniolo has some great skills, although it’s difficult to analyse specific players because they change a lot as they grow. He has the potential to become a top player. Colidio is already drawing attention, he’s performed on the international stage and he’s also doing well for us. He possesses strong character.”

Finally, he discussed the tragic circumstances that coaching counterpart Stefano Pioli has recently had to deal with at Fiorentina: “I met him last year at Inter and I could appreciate his skills from both a moral and technical perspective. What has happened still remains in all of our hearts, I am extremely saddened by the death of Davide Astori. Pioli can lift the team.”

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