Focus Poland: Inter Campus in the eyes of those involved


Jun 28th 2019

Constantly evolving work from Aleksander Kawiorski, known to all as Olek who has been the local coordinator since 2002

KRAKOW - A former PE teacher in a Krakow school, a passionate sportsman Olek is an important contact for the Inter Campus Polonia children and a great friend of the project as he’s always been dedicated to social work in the Parish of St. Jadwiga in the outskirts.

“It was 2002 and the Nerazzurri’s project was starting alongside the parish and the Jadwiga sports club which I am now a director of,” Olek said. “The aim was to get children from the area to play together as they’re often victims of social issues linked to poverty.”

As time went on, Poland joined the European Union in 2004 and the needs of citizens have changed. Olek explained to us how the project has involved and been consolidated with the establishment of satellite centres. They include the Kazimierz Orphanage in the historic Jewish area, the Seborowice Family Home in the suburbs along with the Wychowawczy Special School which is attended by children with intellectual and brain disabilities.

"Given that one of the best memories of these 17 years with Inter Campus was the 2009 World Cup at Coverciano, which was a unique and wonderful experience, then I think that in the future we can do a lot to help children in need.

"As of today, the aim is to boost activities taking place within our satellite centres. In particular, we want to create moments of integrated fun for children from Jadwiga. During our last visit in April, we reiterated how important it is to conduct integrated training sessions for all children – whether they be disabled or not. Not only can children take part in inclusive games, but they can also help one another. It’s a positive exchange that gifts joy to everyone involved and helps the children grow together.

"Many of the kids that we’ve helped, by using sport as an educational tool, are now adults. They’re either studying or working having found the right path in life. We remember them fondly and this is perhaps one of the best feelings from our joint adventure at Inter Campus."


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