Inter Campus Colombia and the sound of drums


In the interdisciplinary school near Cali, every activity is a hidden lesson

CALI – Between the desks, Nerazzurri shirts, instruments and clarinets can be found, while dancing clothes spill out of backpacks. There’s no difference between the males and females here, everybody does everything. The rhythm of football is reflected in hands clapping, legs move quickly to keep up with the music.

We’re at an elementary and secondary school in Rozo. It is run by a multidisciplinary and unconventional professor. He is deeply passionate when it comes to his students and teaches them mathematics and physics through educational games. By building models in class, the children learn how to calculate distances, forming triangles on the pitch helps them understand shapes. During dance lessons they learn about the concepts of space and time. Every activity aims to promote ‘unconscious’ and effective learning.

Of course, Edgar (this is what he’s called) is an Inter Campus instructor. When the bell rings, the youngsters head towards the large grassy space next to the classrooms. The girls adjust their hair to get ready to run and challenge each other. Sports are played together, classmates become opponents when practice matches are played. They are all friends and eagerly await the dance show. Performers dance and recite the great classics of Colombian popular culture to the rhythm of drums and clarinets.

Inter Campus Colombia and the sound of drums Inter Campus Colombia and the sound of drums Inter Campus Colombia and the sound of drums

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