The snow and the seasons – awaking the curiosity of children away from the football pitch

PITITINGA – Inter Campus is much more than just football training, it represents an exchange of ideas, a mix of cultures and dialogues. When ‘the Italians’ arrive – as the children of the world call us – it is always a day of celebration and an excuse to socialise before starting with the running. The first question we pose them is always the same: ‘But where is this Italy that everyone speaks of?’. Some guess, some reply erroneously, and others limit themselves to a generic: ‘a long way away’. Let us speak of the time it takes to get there and of the time zones of each of the countries. They ask us about the food, the seasons and, above all, snow.

We have explained recently in Pititinga and Maracajau that it is currently summer in Italy and that it is very hot – just like in Brazil. Here it is winter, though the temperature does not drop below 20°. Along with Fundação Vida in Pititinga, we therefore decided to celebrate the Italian summer – in a simple but meaningful way. We gathered at the beach to complete a special training session – all shoes were removed for the day as there was no grass or concrete underfoot. We ran along the sand and along the shoreline, which gradually widened as the tide went out. By the end of the day, everyone was in the water – bathing Italian style!

The essence remains unchanged – educational sessions beneficial to the development of children – but carried out in a way that makes everyone feel closer.

Versione Italiana 

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