Biraghi: “I’ve always supported Inter, to wear this shirt is amazing”


The Nerazzurri wing-back answered the fans’ questions: “My thoughts go out to those who are suffering and to those who don’t stop taking care of others”

MILAN – Following on from captain Samir Handanovic, Cristiano Biraghi was the protagonist of today’s video chat from his home, in which he answered the questions sent in by our fans on Inter’s social media profiles. He opened by dedicating his thoughts to those who are currently experiencing a tough time: “This is a difficult time for everyone, my family and I are fine but my thoughts go out to those families who have been affected by this virus, as well as to all the people who are working to contain it and take care of others. During this period, it’s important for me to rediscover more normal things like a longer phone call to a friend, spending more time with my wife and children, cooking, and above all taking time to reflect.”

For the left wing-back, his days are marked by family time and training: “Having two girls, my day starts very early. Inter gave us some instructions for training at home and I train twice a day, which allows me to let off some steam: I do a strength session in the morning and a bike or treadmill session in the afternoon. The change in my appearance? I’ve adopted a DIY approach with my hair and beard, once everything is over, I’ll definitely go to the barber first thing!”

An Inter fan from birth, Biraghi spoke about all his feelings after his return to the Nerazzurri: “My Inter debut dates back to 2011, in the match against Twente at San Siro, I was young and for me it was like a fairy tale. However, I perhaps felt more emotion in my second debut, when I came back to the side, and the greatest joy I’ve had since returning was wearing this shirt and my goal in the Europa League. Every time I wear these colours, whether it’s match kit or training gear, it’s incredible. Whenever I go to the Appiano Gentile Training Centre, I remember when I wanted to be there as a kid and when I went out there to try and get some photos or autographs from the players; it’s a hard feeling to describe. I’ve always given everything for the teams I’ve played for, but with this team, being a fan, I always try to give that little bit extra. I’ve always supported Inter, my Dad put the Nerazzurri shirt on me when I was born and so it’s great that it’s ended up like this.”

The fans were curious about his idols and teammates: “Our group is very healthy, genuine and together, with a lot of that down to the players who have been at Inter for a while such as Handanovic, Ranocchia and D’Ambrosio, who remind us every day of what it means to wear this shirt. I get along well with everyone in the team, I live close to Bastoni and Barella and we often share lifts, I also play for the National Team with Barella and our girls go to the same school, so I have a great friendship with him. As an Inter fan, the player who made me the most excited was Ronaldo ‘El Fenomeno’. My dream? To win a trophy in this shirt, it’s a dream I’ve always had: I remember that whenever Inter won I would always go out to celebrate in the square, so winning as a player would be a great feeling.”

He then talked about his role on the pitch and other players: “I started playing as a winger, then when I was 13 or 14 in Inter’s Youth Sector I was pulled back a bit and I’ve played that role ever since. I’ve always had a predisposition to play on the wing, first forward and then further back. I’d say that Marcelo is among the best players, because he’s maintained such a high level for so many years. As far as Inter’s history is concerned, I’ve experienced first-hand Chivu’s time here: he was a great player and a great man, and I’ve always admired him. There have been so many great full-backs, but I can’t help but mention Facchetti.”

While playing for Fiorentina, Biraghi experienced first-hand a tragedy that shook the entire footballing world, in Davide Astori’s death: “It was a difficult time for me, for my teammates and more than anything for his family. It made me think a lot and change things in my life. It’s also an extra push when I’m on the pitch, fighting for him too, because he was my captain and he always fought for others. I often think of him with my wife and I speak to his family every now and then, they’re exceptional people.”

On the number 34 and the Nerazzurri fans: “It was the first number they gave me when I moved up from the Primavera to the First Team, I took it and got attached to it, and when I had the choice I chose to stick with it, including when I made my return to Inter. I can only say great things about Inter’s fans because I’m one of them myself, the Nerazzurri people are capable of suffering but also celebrating to the max and they’re always close to us.”

Finally a message for all the fans: “Stay close to your families, stay at home, that’s the only way we can help each other get through this difficult time. Right now we should be applauding those who are working 20 hours a day to help the people affected by this virus, I’m talking about doctors, nurses and so many more professions. Right now they come first, then we’ll return all together to cheer for our Inter.”

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