Inter Voice Hall of Fame special, the answers


Find out the answers of the quiz published on Inter’s social media profiles today: four candidates for Inter’s 2020 Hall of Fame

MILAN – In our second episode of Inter Voice Hall of Fame special, the aim was to guess the four players from the clips of their voices posted on Inter’s social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). All four players are candidates for Inter’s 2020 Hall of Fame and can be voted for on this website,

Here are the answers:


Ivan Zamorano was the first voice of the Inter Voice quiz dedicated to the 2020 Hall of Fame. A symbol of tenacity and determination, the former Chilean striker was the protagonist of the Nerazzurri’s goal in the Inter vs. Lazio match of the 1999/2000 season, to which this clip refers. Zamorano also scored one of the most important in his Inter career against the Biancocelesti in the 1998 UEFA Cup Final.  


The second voice in the quiz was Andreas Brehme. The clip is from an interview in which the ex-German full-back describes his versatility and eye for goal. Aldo Serena, his partner in the historic record-breaking Inter team, certified those comments in a recent episode of Inter Calling as he said: “Brehme could land it on a sixpence from 50 yards with his left or right foot, it was perfection.” Brehme is one of the ten defenders eligible for the 2020 Hall of Fame, here’s the full list.


The third solution is Nicola Berti, who spent ten years wearing the Nerazzurri shirt and his whole life as an Inter fan. In the clip, his comments take us back to the match against Ascoli on 19 February 1989, which was opened by one of his wonderful dribbles, a preview of things to come and that historic 50-yard run against Bayern Munich.


The final voice in today’s edition of Inter Voice is Julio Cesar, who racked up 300 appearances across seven seasons with the Nerazzurri, winning 14 trophies. He left the fans with many unforgettable memories, such as those that the clip describes as he retraces the home win against AC Milan in the 2009/10 season with his penalty save to deny Ronaldinho at the end. The former Brazilian ‘keeper is one of the ten goalkeepers nominated for the 2020 Hall of Fame, here’s the complete list.

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