The importance of parents for the Inter Campus


The fundamental role of parents for kids involved with Inter Campus, increasingly active within the project

Throughout recent months, it hasn't been possible to have visitors at Inter Campus. So we have tried to maintain contact with local partners, kids and coaches through various different channels, from Skype to Zoom.

It’s definitely been the parents of these kids who have helped us a lot with this work. Their role throughout this troubling period has been even more important than usual. In Mexico, for example, parents of the children in the community of Ecatepec, a district of Mexico City - one of the many that have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, remained in constant contact with us to provide information on the health of both the area and therefore the children. In Angola too, thanks to the parents we were always aware of the situation in the country and of the children. In Nicaragua, a proper parents’ committee (which has been meeting online throughout lockdown) was formed to discuss the project and how it can be further developed. And then in Brazil, as in Argentina and many other countries, without the parents’ telephone details, it would have been impossible to organize group chats with all of the boys and girls.

In conclusion, the fundamental role of parents has only been strengthened in recent months. They've become active participants in our trying task to stay in touch with the kids, and we have always been able to count on their support.

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