Inter eSports: exceptional results in South America


The Nerazzurri players are a big success in the FIFAe Club World Cup as well as in other competitions

FIFAe Club World Cup finals and much more…

Inter is among the best eSports teams in the world! They have qualified for the final stages of the FIFAe Club World Cup, where they will face the other eleven best teams in South America. The final event of the South American Zone, scheduled from 24th to 28th February, will be held online and will see the twelve best teams competing to determine the overall winner of the region. The other qualified teams are: ELS, MGCF eSports, FC Basel 1893 eSports, SPQR Brasil Team, DUX Latam, Medellin Es, Helmet Team, TTB Esports, Netshoes E-Sports, Team FW BR, Central Espanol Uruguai.

It almost seems like every week there is a reason to celebrate with the results of our Nerazzurri players. Last week we were excited about qualifying for the FIFAe Club World Cup. This week we have some great news about Levy, who has been given his opportunity to represent The Netherlands as E_Oranje player. Levy is one of the five players that fills up the current squad. He was selected after an intense training camp in which he was able to show off his in-game skills and after distinguishing himself during interviews saying how he would represent the Netherlands. The first friendly of E_Oranje is planned for March. After that there will be qualification matches for the FIFA eNations Cup on March 18th and 19th and the following week on March 25th and 26th. The final tournament of the FIFA eNations Cup starts on the 18th of May and will end with the final on May 23rd.

Lots of victories in the Weekend League

Just like every week, our Inter eSports-players have to fight hard in the intense Weekend League of FIFA 21. This time Pedro ended a perfect weekend with 30 wins and zero losses. Levy did the same on the PlayStation. He also plays on Xbox (so he finished 60 competitive matches in a weekend, which is impressive) and ended up with a score of 26-4.

Manoel also had a great weekend and ended with a score of 29-1.

And finally, we have Nicolas who also did amazing and had 27 wins over the weekend. As if it wasn't busy enough already, we have some other great events coming up. This week we have the qualifiers for the CONMEBOL eLibertadores. The CONMEBOL eLibertadores will have a big online qualifying tournament on February 2nd-3rd. In this competition the best eight players on the PlayStation 4 and the best eight players on the Xbox One will advance to the Grand Finals. Only one player will take home the trophy and be crowned the best player in South America and the first CONMEBOL eLibertadores champion. This grand final will be held from March 15th till March 17th.

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